About Marie

Marie Zinno will share her secrets for proper hooping, design selection and quick techniques to minimize embroidery mistakes. Students will learn efficient workroom organization and business how–to tips. Marie’s machine embroidery business experience helps enhance the “real hobbyist” to business owner. During the event, she will provide resources for ordering blanks and a checklist for starting a business, along with many themed gift ideas.

She has published 40 Multi-needle machine blogs, which reached over 40,000 readers each week on the DIME website. Her column “Multi-needle Know How” is a popular article each issue in Designs in Machine Embroidery magazine. Marie has appeared on numerous PBS sewing TV shows, such as Sewing with Nancy and It’s Sew Easy. She has authored and co-authored 4 books on machine embroidery.

During Marie’s 6 years as a Stitching Sister with Eileen Roche, she has taught thousands of embroiderers across the nation.


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